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Going to go into a bit of an American Indian Studies Rant….

Taking an Ethnic Studies class and an American Indian History class here at SF State. I’m glad I’m taking both at the same time. Reading for homework tonight I cam across this…

It pisses me off to the point, where I of hispanic decent, with Mayan blood, realize how unrecognized the people that were here first get brushed by, and completely ignored as a people, as a culture, and as a part of this country. 

400 fucking treaties. This country would be so different if treaties had never been broken. The mentality of being one with the earth, being a part of it, and not owning land, would be taught today. Imagine how many Native people would still be here, in there homelands, not relocated, if things had gone differently so long ago.

It’s a lot to process but I hope you think about it. Just think about whose land, whose culture were actually living on. 

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